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Thanks to all who braved the weather and attended our summer picnic at Shadyside Park!

Those who attended the June 23 Bradford Democrats annual summer picnic were treated to some rainy weather but wonderful food, music (thanks  to John Fuhr and Joanne Hill and friends), meeting and making new friends, and lots of political discussion. Thanks to new committee person Theresa Soja for a great job of organizing, Bob Buckalew and John Malone for grilling, Sue Phifer and Janice Shreffler for the grab bags, Linda Buckalew for setup, and everyone for bringing their favorite summer dish to share!

After Bradford Dems Chair Kevin Houghton acknowledged all the volunteers who made the event a success, West Bradford resident and Candidate for PA House in the 158th, Christina Sappey, shared her vision for the district, including for jobs and the economy, healthcare, education, and the environment. Go Chris!

Where is your voting location?

East Bradford North-1 (East Bradford Elementary School (map))

East Bradford North-2 (East Bradford Township Building (map))

East Bradford South-1 (Hillsdale Elementary School (map)NEW

East Bradford South-2 (Hillsdale Elementary School (map))

West Bradford 1 (West Bradford Fire Hall (map))

West Bradford 2 (West Bradford Township Building (map))

West Bradford 3 (West Bradford Elementary School (map))

West Bradford 4 (West Bradford Fire Sub Station (map))

West Bradford 5 (West Bradford Elementary School (map))

“Remarkable” job growth in PA under Gov Corbett — until you get the whole story

Governor Tom Corbett continues to brag about the 140 – 150,000 private sector jobs created during his one term in office, saying in radio ads that the growth is “remarkable”. But this claim conveniently forgets the fact that PA is now 46th in private sector job growth over this period, which makes the result actually “regrettable”, not “remarkable”.  And experts say that the numbers of new jobs are simply consistent with the US economy’s continued progression out of the 2008-09 recession, and doesn’t even reflect the loss of 42,000 public sector jobs, many in education. Here’s just another reason not to trust “One-Term Tom”.