Sample Ballot, Polling Locations and Committee Persons

2020 General (Presidential) Election Sample Ballot with Bradford Democrats and Chester County Democratic Committee Endorsements

East & West Bradford Sample Ballot (All Precincts) – November 3, 2020 General Election 

NOTE: With the Covid-19 pandemic and health crisis, Chester County will have 11 “Drop Box” locations where you will be able to drop off  a completed mail-in ballot in person, prior to or on Election Day In addition, there will be two “satellite voting centers” where you may request, complete, and submit your ballot in one stop. See the Chester County Voter Information Portal for everything you need to know, including drop box locations and times. 

You can sign up to receive a mail-in ballot at The deadline to request a mail-in ballot is October 27, although that will most likely not allow enough time for it to be received in time at Chester County Voter Services through normal postal mail service to be counted, and you would need to find a Drop Box to submit your ballot instead. We suggest returning a completed (signed) mail-in ballot through the mail no later than October 20.

Polling Locations and Committee People

Not sure where you vote? Find out here!

East Bradford – North 1

East Bradford Elementary School (map)

East Bradford – North 2
East Bradford Township Building (map)

East Bradford South 1
Hillsdale Elementary School (map)

East Bradford South 2
Hillsdale Elementary School (map) 

West Bradford 1
West Bradford Fire Hall (map) 

West Bradford 2
West Bradford Township Building (map)

West Bradford 3
West Bradford Elementary School (map) 

West Bradford 4
United Sports Training Center  (map) 

West Bradford 5
West Bradford Elementary School (map)

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