East Bradford Democrats – 2013 Year in Review

This year proved to be a special one for the East Bradford Democrats – but there is much work to do for 2014.  Accomplishments in 2013 included:

  • A successful two-day April Plant Sale fundraiser that raised well over $1,000, with $250 of that donated to Camp Linden in West Chester for underprivileged children (thanks to Valerie Deaton for organizing)
  • Spring roadside cleanup along Hannum Avenue in East Bradford (thanks to Fred Rothman for organizing)
  • Distribution of a spring EB Democrats newsletter prior to the May primary, with special push for West Chester Area School District (WCASD) “Better Direction for West Chester” school board slate
  • Introduction of the new East Bradford Democrats Facebook Page (thanks to Brian McGinnis for setting up and everyone who has contributed postings)
  • Addition of PayPal link and account to our website to allow for easy donations to the organization (thanks to Garrett McDaniel for setting this up)
  • The “Taste of Italy” Fall Social and fundraiser at Laguna Miramare on October 24 that allowed us to celebrate the year with new friends (thanks to Deb Hodies for organizing)
  • Production of a fall pre-election newsletter that included a sample ballot, progressive news stories, and support for our endorsed candidates
  • Support for and election of four progressive WCASD candidates to the school board, beating out four tea party Republican candidates in the November election; this means (along with the recent appointment of Bret Binder), that there are now three Democrats (and three moderate Republicans) on the nine-member school board

A big thanks to our Democratic supporters for a great year.   The coming new year promises to be ever exciting – with the 2014 mid-term elections approaching,  We look forward to a spirited primary race for a Democratic candidate to replace “One-Term Tom” as governor of Pennsylvania, and to provide support for a new PA 158th representative (hopefully our friend Susan Rzucidlo).


Bill Phifer, Chairperson – East Bradford Democrats

EB Dems Roadside Cleanup Plant Sale Logo EBD-2013-social-postcard BD4WC_candidates